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Hungarian-born writer, cinematographer and creative director, Peter Richweisz, embarked on his journey in the world of visual arts after completing his philosophy studies at ELTE University in Budapest. In 1997, driven by a passion for photography, he relocated to London, where he began to carve out his distinctive niche in the dynamic intersection of fashion and advertising. Peter's profound grounding in contemporary art laid the foundation for a unique and innovative approach to creativity.

Preferring a project-based conceptualization of tasks over adhering to a fixed personal style, Peter fosters a constantly evolving perspective in his work. This philosophy infuses his concepts with a sense of freshness and dynamism. After seven fruitful years in London, Peter Richweisz made a significant move to Dubai in 2004. In 2005, he established Desert Fish Production, a boutique studio renowned for its comprehensive, turnkey approach to visual branding.

A testament to his visionary pursuits, Peter founded Desert Fish magazine in 2006, marking the inception of the first cutting-edge, vanguard visual concepts-based publication in the Middle East. This bi-annual periodical enjoyed a remarkable run of eight years, captivating audiences across 45 countries.

Peter's excellence extends beyond the realm of sill imagery to the dynamic world of fashion films. His achievements include prestigious accolades at the International Fashion Film Awards, with "Alchemy" earning Best Fashion Category in Hollywood in 2014, and "D(r)own by Birth" securing recognition for Best Sound Design in San Diego in 2018.

Over the past five years, Peter Richweisz has dedicated the majority of his time to motion picture projects, taking on roles as both director and cinematographer. His work on various festival shorts has garnered widespread acclaim and multiple awards for best pictures globally. 

His forte lies in developing comprehensive concepts from the initial briefing, yet he is equally adept at collaborating to bring the best out of fixed ideas. Among his notable clients are renowned names such as L'Oreal, Vogue, Cartier,  Lux, Splash, Gucci, Porsche, Mercedes, Hungarian Cultural Ministry,, Sony PSP, Bugatti, Mall of the Emirates, Damas, Emaar, Motorola, American Express, to name just a few.

Currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where he works on long-form narrative projects and advertising clients. 

He completed three feature films in 2023 as DoP. 


Peter Richweisz

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